Top Tips for Effective Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Is your carpet looking dull? Despite your best hoovering efforts, you'll likely find that your carpet could benefit from a good steam clean. This is because dirt settles deep into its fabrics, eventually resulting in a dull appearance. To make sure your carpet steam cleaning is effective, though, you need to follow a couple of tips.

Patch Test

Carpet cleaning is manually intensive. Because of this, it's wise to patch test an area before you proceed to clean your entire house. Make sure you leave sufficient time for the patch tested area to dry so that you can see what the rest of your carpet will look like after. If it isn't meeting your requirements, try switching to a different type of cleaner or ask a professional to do the work for you.

Hoover Thoroughly

Although carpet cleaners can work wonders, they'll fight an uphill battle if you don't hoover thoroughly before they start. To make sure your hoover is performing at its best, empty it and replace the bag. Additionally, go through each room and pick up large items that could impede your efforts. As a result of both these actions, you can maximise suction and grab as much dirt as possible before the steam cleaning begins.

Target Stains

Deep-set stains probably won't lift with steam cleaning efforts alone. Before using a steam cleaner, go through each room and look for stains that might need a little extra help. Apply a stain remover that's compatible with your carpet and follow the manufacturer's instructions for using it. If your DIY efforts aren't effective, you may need to ask a professional to do the job for you.

Remove Furniture

Make sure you can either easily work around large items of furniture, or remove them before you begin. If the furniture is heavy, you may want to remove it a day in advance to give your carpet a chance to spring back before you clean it.

Leave Enough Time

Once you're done with prepping for your carpet steam cleaning, you need to plan the logistics. Depending on the nature of the clean, you may need to leave each room to dry for a few hours before you can start walking on the carpet again. Because of this, you may want to block off one room at a time as you clean them. Or consider cleaning when everyone else is out of the house.

Promote Natural Drying

Avoid using fans and heaters to make your carpet dry faster. The results may look uneven, and your efforts could result in an unusual smell. Instead, try opening windows and allow your carpet to air dry for the best results.

Reach out to professionals for more information about carpet cleaning