Six Reasons You Should Buy A Commercial Cleaning Franchise

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If you have always dreamed of owning your own business but aren't sure where to start, consider buying a commercial cleaning franchise. This relatively safe and lucrative business buying choice makes sense for a lot of reasons. Here are a few of the top reasons you should jump in:

1. Dirt is constant

An old saying says that two things are certain – death and taxes. However, anyone who's been alive for a while can easily add dirt to that list. Thanks to the constancy of dirt, cleaners nearly always have work available to them. However, unlike residential cleaners who may be affected by ups and downs in the economy, commercial cleaners can look forward to relative consistency in their work load and potential client lists.

2. Commercial facilities have consistent cleaning needs

Commercial cleaners clean office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, nursing homes and other commercial facilities. Like consumers, some of these industries experience cash flow fluctuations that alter their abilities to pay for commercial cleaners, but the medical industry, one of the most important commercial cleaning clients, suffers fewer fluctuations. As a bonus, once you secure a client, you can look forward to having them as a repeat customer.

3. Repeat customers dominate the commercial cleaning industry

In many industries, you have to fight for every sale you get. However, with commercial cleaning, you do not work on getting clients for one-off cleaning events. Instead, when a client approaches you, you typically sign a contract for several weeks or months of cleaning.

Repeat clients help to create a sense of stability in your company, and that undercurrent of stability may be contributing to growth in the commercial cleaning industry.

4. Commercial cleaning is a growing industry

Worldwide, the commercial cleaning industry was worth $4.3 billion in 2013-2014. That represents 2.3 percent growth over the previous year, and industry analysts predict that the growth will remain steady for the next several years.

When you buy a commercial cleaning franchise, you tap into this growing industry. In addition to benefiting from the growing industry, you also get to benefit from the brand of the franchise you purchase.

5. Franchisees benefit from effective branding

Whether you buy a commercial cleaning franchise or another type of franchise, you benefit from the franchise's branding efforts. When potential clients see your company's name or logo, they don't think of it being a new company about which they know nothing. Instead, they think of all of the positive traits and facts that they normally associate with the franchisor.

Many first time business owners find it easier to buy a business already associated with a successful brand than to navigate the world of branding on their own. A well known brand can even help to draw talent to your company, but luckily, when it comes to hiring cleaners, most business owners find it easy to find qualified job candidates, anyway.  

6. There are no skills shortage for labourers

Unfortunately, some industries suffer due to skills shortages. However, these shortages do not affect the cleaning industry or the labour industry in general. You can almost always find workers who can clean, and as an added bonus, because the job is relatively basic on a skills level, you don't have to waste a lot of time, money or energy training new staff members. Best of all, if you want a workout, you can just roll up your sleeves and start cleaning as well.    

If you would like to learn more about buying a commercial cleaning franchise, contact a commercial cleaning company. If you are not sure if this is the right choice for you, consider testing out the industry by getting a job with a commercial cleaners.