Why Rely on Professionals for End of Lease Cleaning?

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When you vacate a rented home or apartment, you may need to perform an end of lease cleaning before you can get back a deposit. It's often good to leave this work to a professional who specialises in this type of cleaning. Note why this is and a few questions you might ask such as a cleaning company before you hire them.

Returning to clean

When you move out of a home or apartment, you need to actually return and clean the space once you've completely vacated, as moving means tracking dirt in and out of the space. You might also bump furniture into walls and doors, leaving behind marks that need cleaning.

To return to clean, you need to leave behind your cleaning supplies, vacuum, mops and the like. You would also need a way to toss out paper towels and wet and dirty rags you would use for the cleaning. To make your entire move easier on you, without worrying about how and where you pack your cleaning items or how you'll dispose of items once the cleaning is finished, it's best to leave this to a professional.

Everyday cleaning isn't enough

Even if you keep your home or apartment very tidy, the cleaning you do every day usually isn't enough to satisfy a landlord. Vacuuming may not pick up hair and ground-in dirt, and you may not remove all mould and mildew in a tub or shower when you clean. You might also forget to clean areas that you often overlook while living in the home or apartment, such as inside kitchen cabinets, under the kitchen sink, under the bathroom sink, behind the toilet, and so on. Professional end of lease cleaning services will do a very thorough clean and will also usually have a checklist of tasks that will satisfy your landlord.

Other cleaning available

Many companies that offer end of lease cleaning will also perform other cleaning tasks, such as cleaning your mattresses, polishing furniture, shampooing area rugs and the like. Having your items cleaned before you move will mean that they won't bring dust and dirt into your new home and are less likely to hold mould or mildew if you need to keep them in storage before moving. A cleaning company can also ensure your new home or apartment is clean and ready for you, so you don't need to worry about moving into a space that is dirty or unhygienic. Ask about these services when arranging for your end of lease cleaning.