Pressure Washing Offers the Best Bang for Your Cleaning Buck

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Preparing any home for sale can be stressful and time consuming, especially since many buyers base their decisions on the property's kerb appeal. A prospective buyer may drive up to the home and make a judgement based on the exterior appearance, so it's in your best interests to be sure it's as well-presented as possible.

Fortunately, pressure washing offers the opportunity to ensure every aspect of your home's exterior is properly cleaned and looking its best. Pressure washers use water jets that are capable of removing years of grime and caked-on stains that might be difficult to remove by other means.

Here are some areas where pressure washing could enhance your home's appearance:

Clean Driveways

You might have swept up fallen leaves or dirt from your driveway, but is it really clean? It's common for paved and concrete driveways to become discolored and stained over time. Oil stains and tyre marks from constant traffic can be difficult to remove. Many driveways are also excellent breeding grounds for mould and lichen moss, which shows up as a green-tinged growth that won't scrub off easily by hand.

A high-pressure power washing sprayer can remove built-up grime and lichen, leaving your driveway looking like new again.

Garage Roller Doors

Spraying your garage roller doors with a regular garden hose only ends up spreading dirt and grime around the door's surface. By comparison, a pressure washer can remove dirt and built-up grime in just a few minutes.

Brick Cleaning

You might have washed the windows around the home, but have you also cleaned the bricks? Many people don't realise the amount of grime and debris that can collect on bricks and in the surrounding mortar. Mould, lichen moss and salt damp marks can make the exterior of your home seem worn and old.

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home with specialised pressure washing equipment can revive the property's appearance and make a huge difference to a potential buyer's first impression.

Eaves and Patios

Those little spider webs tucked away in the corners of your home's eaves or under the patio or pergola can harbour little pests. Aside from the resident spider living or near the web, it's also common for many little bugs to be trapped there.

Spider webs also attract dirt, which makes those corners appear dirty and unkempt. Pressure washing can remove those annoying spider webs and the associated creepy-crawlies within them quickly and easily.

Roof Cleaning

There's little point in cleaning the front of your house if you ignore the roof. Normal rainfall may help remove some of the dirt and dust accumulating on your roof, but it won't remove those stubborn bird droppings beneath TV antennas or on ridges.

Engaging the services of a professional pressure washing company can ensure your roof is properly cleaned, is free from stains and droppings and is looking its best.

First impressions really do count. If you're preparing your home for sale, consider the benefits of having the exterior professionally cleaned with pressure washing services.