Tile Maintenance: How to Protect Your Grout from Staining

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Tile grout staining will compromise the appearance of your kitchen, bathroom and general home surfaces. Therefore, it is important to prevent the discolouration of this material in your house. Once the grout becomes stained, you will need to invest a lot of time and resources to cleaning for the restoration of original aesthetics. In other cases, you will need to remove the old grout with a chisel and replace it. Both of these processes are labour-intensive and expensive. If you would like to avoid these unfortunate circumstances, you should consider using these tips to protect your tile grout from stains.

Seal the Grout

Grout is prone to staining because it is a porous material. In simple terms, this 'cement' has microscopic holes which allow staining spills and dirt to settle in over time. Therefore, if you want to minimise the risk of surface staining, you should purchase and apply an appropriate sealer. The material will form a layer over the grout, limiting the penetration of both oil- and water- based stains. You can obtain a sealing product which can be used on the tiles along with the grout. This type of product will protect the tile finish, preserving its appeal for long. 

Clean Diligently

Your grout will become stained over time if proper cleaning of the tiled surfaces is not carried out. Typically, stains do not develop overnight; the discolouration of the material is gradual. Therefore, you should be diligent in cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt. You can use a sponge or rag to wipe down the surfaces on a regular basis. However, it is also advisable to make time for thorough clean-up. For this process, you should have an appropriate scrub and a speciality commercial cleaning product. Light scrubbing will brighten your dull tiles and grout and give your surfaces a fresh look. You can also opt for professional tile cleaning periodically. 

Dye the Grout

Finally, you should think about dyeing the grout. This method is not per se designed to prevent the floor or wall grout from staining. It is a technique for concealing existing and future stains. Usually, the grout used in most homes is white or otherwise bright. Therefore, a thin layer of dirt or staining will be quite prominent. When you dye your discoloured grout in a darker colour, you will mask the existing stains on your floors or walls. This process is cheaper and faster than replacing the grout.

If you cannot choose a suitable solution for managing your stained grout, you should consult a professional cleaning service for assistance.