Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuuming is one of the easiest cleaning solutions for your floors and even carpeting. However, are you vacuuming the right way? Vacuum cleaning is a simple technique to keep your home free of dirt, but if you do it improperly, you may create an even bigger mess or end up damaging your floors or carpeting. Fortunately, there are a few professional techniques on how to use your vacuum cleaner more effectively. Read on for more.

Have the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come in various types. The first step to getting the most out of yours is to make sure you have the right type. Whether it's a handheld, upright or canister type of vacuum cleaner, evaluate the needs of your home before buying one. For instance, the ideal type of vacuum cleaner for a new or soft carpet may not be the same as one for a traditional, cut-pile carpet. Therefore, remember to consider such aspects when choosing a vacuum cleaner. 

Always Start With an Empty Bag

Empty or change your vacuum cleaner's bag or canister before you start vacuuming. While it is not always necessary to do this, it is advisable that you do so because your vacuum cleaner will be much more effective when the bag is empty. That's because a full bag affects the suction ability of the vacuum cleaner—not only because of the limited space for the extra dirt to go but also because parts of the cleaner such as the hose can clog, making your cleaning efforts less effective. Some vacuum cleaners have a container in place of the bag. Check that too and make sure you empty it before you start cleaning, even if it's not full.

Vacuum at The Correct Height

The height at which you vacuum can also make the difference between success and failure when it comes to vacuum cleaning. You need to choose the correct setting on your vacuum cleaner depending on the surface on which you are cleaning. For instance, the height settings for your hardwood floors should be different from that of your carpets. You can check in your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendations for the settings required for different surfaces. If you have a big home where the height of the floors varies considerably throughout, adjusting the cleaner continuously can be tiring. To avoid this, invest in a vacuum cleaner with the ability to adjust automatically to changing heights.

Vacuum in Both Directions

If you are moving your vacuum cleaner in the north-south direction, remember to do it in an east-west motion too. Doing this ensures that any dirt that remained on the surface during the first cycle of vacuuming is picked up in the second.

Contact a professional cleaner for additional advice.